Welcome to the official website of the Wisconsin Region of the Classic Car Club of America

Director’s Message:

Founded in 1968, we are a non-profit organization with members that enjoy driving and talking about collector cars of all types. The Wisconsin Region is based in the Milwaukee area.

Welcome to the Wisconsin Region of the Classic Car Club of America! We are the local region of the larger national CCCA which includes over 3,000 members. Membership to the CCCA includes subscriptions to two award winning publications, in addition to our regional newsletter that will keep you up to speed on our local activities and upcoming events. The focus of the CCCA is the incredible premium sports and luxury cars produced during the era of 1915 to 1948. If you are an enthusiast of these fine machines, there is no better way to stay connected with others who share that same passion than the CCCA. In addition to often needed technical resources, we have a full calendar that ranges from driving tours to social events. If you don’t own a Full Classic, but are interested in these automobiles, please reach out. Owning a car is not a requirement for membership, but enjoying them is!

“Ownership of a Classic automobile is not a prerequisite of membership.”

We encourage anyone with an appreciation or interest in cars of this era to consider joining the Classic Car Club of America, and the Wisconsin Region.

Come join in on the fun.

Carl Jensen
Managing Director – Wisconsin Region